The IAP needs an IP address for network connectivity. When you connect the IAP to a network, the IAP receives an IP address from a DHCP server.
To get an IP address for an IAP:
Connect the ENET 0 port of IAP to a switch or router using an Ethernet cable. Ensure that the DHCP service is enabled on the network.
Connect the IAP to a power source. The IAP receives an IP address provided by the switch or router.
If there is no DHCP service on the network, the IAP can be assigned a static IP address. If that doesn't happen, the IAP will get auto-assigned an IP within the 169.254 subnet.
Assign Static Ip Address
9c:8c:d8:c0:6c:56# ip-address[ip][netmask][gateway][dns server][domain]
9c:8c:d8:c0:6c:56# reload
Do you really want to reset the system(y/n): y
也有另一種方法,直接進到AP Console 設定 IP
AP啟動後看到  Hit <Enter> to stop autoboot: 2 時,按 Enter 鍵進入 apboot 模式。

apboot>setenv ipaddr 

apboot>setenv netmask 255.255.2525.0 

apboot>setenv gatewayip 

apboot>setenv master

apboot>setnev serverip 


apboot> boot  進行重啟




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